What is this world coming to where you can't ignore the cops trying to pull you over, throw your drugs out the window, fight the cops and get one's gun, without having to worry about your personal safety?


"He then started throwing narcotics out the window."
"Police say he started fighting with police and disarmed an officer."
"A fight ensued after that. The individual attempted and then eventually did disarm one of the officers and the other officer fired his weapon, striking the suspect,"

"Tymar is a caring, loving, and a giving type of person,"
"With all the officers, they should have just restrained him,"
"It's just ridiculous that you can't even drive in your own neighborhood without fear of being victimized by the people who are supposed to be protecting you," said Kimbrough.

Kimbrough believes despite what police said happened, the driver shouldn't have been killed.

"He has family. He has kids. He grew up in this area and no matter the case he didn't deserve this. Nobody deserves this. They're not the judge. He didn't have a trial and now he didn't have a voice,"